Sea Gem

On the 30th September 1965 it discovered gas in the southern North sea. This was the first offshore hydrocarbons found in the UK sector.

On the 28th December 1965, when the rig was preparing to move to drill a 'step out' well, it collapsed. Of the 32 men onboard 13 were lost.


Survived - some seriously injured
P. Belgiral G. Broughton R.M.Hessey
S.Coull W.L.Burton R.M.Hewitt
J.P.Daily A.Claveroe S.M.Johnson
A.Edwards T.M.Cooper W.Maddock
C.A.Fox G.L.Crighton A.Mazerbourg
R.S.Gibson F.Darlington I.E.Mitchell
G.Gough F.Farrow K.Topham*
C.Grey J. la Font J.H.Strachem
R.Griffiths K.Forsyth D.Sutherland
D.C.Henderson D.Garrod

* Kevin Topham now runs the Dukes Wood Oil Museum