Gainsborough Railway Yard early 1960's

T32 Rig

The world's first slant drilling.

Carried out by crews from Eakring

Gainsborough No 6 Well

Blowout 1975

Jack Knife Rig & Drawworks

Dukes Wood 1970s

Drill Floor


L to R: Joe Dobbs, Kevin Topham and Dennis Bartle
Note: Kevin Topham is now the curator of the Dukes Wood Oil Museum

Running Casing

WEATHERFORD Man operating Tong Spanner

Sea Quest

 manned by men from Eakring

Sea Quest found the first oil in the British Sector of the North Sea in 1970


Operating "Tong" Spanner

Workover using 'CARDWELL' Rig

Dukes Wood Late 1950's

BP Eakring Headquarters 1950s

Now the site of National Grid and CenterParcs Offices

Casings piled ready for use

At BP Eakring 1950s

Bilsthorpe Sidings 1950s

Oil was shipped to the refinery via the Mineral Railway at Bilsthorpe.

Bilsthorpe Colliery in the background

Cardwell Rig

Well Shooting

February 1954