It was in June 1987 that the wartime memories came back to Eakring when the Dukes Wood Nature trail was officially opened by the former BP chief geologist Sir Peter Kent. Peter Kent had also been interested in Nature Conservation and was involved in the Nottinghamshire Trust for Nature.

 In 1988 the Nature reserve was visited by Sir David Attenborough (right) who praised BP for the way it had worked with the then Nottinghamshire Trust for Nature Conservation in creating a site of such historical and environmental interest.

The statue to the Oil Patch Warrior was unveiled by the secretary of state for industry John Wakeham in 1991 and several surviving members of the group who came over in 1943 came over from the United States for the unveiling.

The Museum was started in 1995 and continues to look after the site as a historical reminder of oil operations in and around Dukes Wood and Eakring and to look over the nature reserve to educate and inform the young and the older generations.

Naturalist Sir David Attenborough pictured next to a nodding donkey at Dukes Wood in November 1988.